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State Sponsored Programs for Minnesota

These programs provide assistance for those who want to get their medications through patient assistance programs. All are free or charge a small amount. Most help people in limited geographic areas.

Please contact us if you know of any other progams that should be added to our list.


20 State Programs in Minnesota

Program Name Who is helped
AIDS Drug Assistance Program (ADAP) HIV/AIDS related prescription drugs for individuals with HIV/AIDS.
Breast & Cervical Cancer Screening - Sage Program Free screening for cancer for eligible women at participating facilities throughout Minnesota.
Breast/Cervical Cancer Treatment Program (MA-BC) Treatment for breast and cervical cancer.
Child & Teen Checkups (C&TC) Program a/k/a EPSDT Early & periodic screening, diagnosis, and treatment program for children.
Children & Youth with Special Health Needs /CYSHN Access to medical & related care for children with special health care needs, birth to 21.
HIV/AIDS Dental Program Dental services for HIV positive individuals.
HIV/AIDS Insurance Program Financial assistance for insurance premiums to individuals who have HIV/AIDS.
HIV/AIDS Mental Health Program Pays for limited outpatient counseling.
Infant and Toddler Intervention Early intervention services for infants & toddlers with developmental delays.
Medical Assistance - Families with children under 21 Low-cost health insurance coverage for children under age 19 and children 19 & 20.
Medical Assistance - TEFRA for Children with disabilities (MA-TEFRA) Medical care to allow disabled children to be cared for in their homes.
Minnesota Medical Assistance (MA) Quality health care services to eligible low-income individuals, children, families with children, and pregnant women.
Minnesota Senior Health Options (MSHO) Health care program for seniors that combines several programs into one health care package.
MinnesotaCare Health insurance for Minnesota residents who don't have access to affordable insurance
Sage Scopes - Colorectal Cancer Screening Free colorectal cancer screening program
Senior LinkAge Line Help locate free or reduced cost prescription drugs.
STAR - System of Technology to Achieve Results Products, devices etc. that improve the quality of life of the disabled of all ages.
State Health Insurance Assistance Program / SHIP Free counseling and assistance on all aspects of Medicare.
Telephone Equipment Distribution Program (TED) Loans telecommunications devices to residents with hearing loss or speech impairment.
Vaccines for Children Program (VFC) - MN Free/low cost vaccines for children